Seminole Casino Hotel – An Intimate Place to Linger

Situated in the heart of beautiful Floridian, the Seminole Casino Hotel immerses guests in the exciting world of Florida. The eight-star luxury resort is equipped with world-class amenities for its guests to make their stay a memorable one.

The brand new Seminole Casino Hotel immerses guests in the comfort of their rooms with state-of-the-art communication and entertainment systems. They can enjoy the latest technologies, including game stations and integrated TV. This conveniently located resort provides the guest with comfortable, welcoming surroundings to make every part of their trip an enjoyable experience.

The Serenade Salon at the Casino Hotel offers a relaxing setting where visitors can enjoy a delicious meal and enjoy spa treatments. Guests can also take advantage of air conditioning to experience the perfect temperature during the hottest days of the year. Visitors will surely have a great time during their visit to the resort.

At the front of the resort, guests will find a huge array of onsite restaurants. They include Halftime, Brunch, Spanish Tapas, Blue Martini’s and Zoe’s World. Guests can enjoy a variety of appetizers and specialty cocktails, as well as choice of appetizers, entrees and wines from several Florida wineries. Here, guests can also enjoy the best in authentic Cuban cuisine.

The Pan Pacific Pool is the perfect venue for a romantic evening. The resort’s Luxury Lounge features breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico and Miami. It is a nice place to relax and spend a romantic evening with your loved one. One can also participate in a nice dinner at the restaurant and watch the lively activity on the poolside.

The Coral Reefs Aquarium at the Seminole Casino Hotel immerses guests in the excitement of the Gulf of Mexico. It features an excellent collection of colorful marine creatures such as marine iguanas, sharks, rays, sailfish, starfish, lobsters, sea turtles and corals. The exotic marine life can be seen under the eye-searing lights of the aquarium.

The Gulf of Mexico State Park is one of the popular attractions in the region of Florida and the Seminole Casino Hotel is right at the center of it. The stunning ocean scenery, which can be enjoyed by all, is an interesting and informative way to explore the seashore. A boat trip around the park is not to be missed because it is quite a wonderful journey and lots of fun.

The Caribbean Garden located at the Floridian is another favorite attraction of the tourists coming to the region of Florida and the Seminole Casino Hotel is just a few minutes away from the Garden. The Garden is located near the Old Airport Building which is also a fine piece of architecture to behold. Visitors will definitely feel the beauty of the Floridian coastline when they gaze at this fascinating attraction.